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Microblading Numbing Tattoo Cream

Microblading Numbing Tattoo Cream

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Our latest 92.6% Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Numbing Cream Is A Pink Shade, Created To Be The Best Numbing Cream For All Types Of Microblading, As Well As Eyebrow, Lip, And Body Tattoos. Formulated With Natural Ingredients, It's Designed To Reduce Discomfort And Provide A More Comfortable Tattooing Experience. 

Material: Before Cream
Model Number: Tattoo Accessories
Brand Name: HAO-TATTOO H.W.S
Type: Tattoo accessories
Packing: Independent Packing
Size: 10G
Used: Eye Makeup Lips & Body Cream
Used For: Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyebrow
How To Use: After Cleaning The Skin, Apply This Cream And Cover It With Plastic Wrap. After 20-30min, It Will Affect And You Can Start Working, It Will Effect About 4 Hours

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