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  • Eyelashes Extension Adhesive | Beauty Salon Parlour False Eyelash Glue

    Eye Lash Glue

    Experience the perfect bond for your false eyelashes with our specially formulated eye lash glue. No lifting or clumping.

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  • Best Long-lasting Effective Numbing Precise Cream For Microblading

    Microblading Numbing Cream

    Enhance your microblading experience with our numbing cream specially formulated for longer-lasting effect and smoother application.

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  • Professional Lash And Brow Lamination Kit

    Become an expert in lash and brow lamination with our professional kit. Enhance the natural features of your clients for stunning looks.

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Yelix 4D 5D 6D Eyelash Extensions | False Lashes W Shape Flowering

Eye Lash Extension

Transform your eyes with our luxurious false eyelash extensions. We have the perfect lashes to suit your style giving you the confidence to shine day and night. Try them now and let your eyes do the talking!

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