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Effective Numbing Cream For Microblading

Effective Numbing Cream For Microblading

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96.9% Premium Numbing Microblading Cream, Recently Available, Are Specifically Designed For Microblading Eyebrow Lips and Body Skin Procedures. This Cream Ensures A Painless, Long-Lasting Experience With A Low Allergic Reaction Rate, Making It Safe For Use On All Skin Types.

Material: Before Cream
Model Number: Tattoo Accessories
Package: Independent Packing
Size: 10G
Used: Eye Makeup Lips & Body Cream
Used For: Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyebrow
How To Use: After Cleaning The Skin, Apply This Cream And Cover It With Plastic Wrap. After 20-30min, It Will Affect And You Can Start Working, It Will Affect About 4 Hours Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting: Our numbing creams are designed to take effect quickly, ensuring that you can enjoy a comfortable experience right from the start of your microblading session. With long-lasting effectiveness, you can stay numb throughout the entire procedure.

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